Greatest Treasure

Being loved,cared for,appreciated and being able to be surrounded by people who love you is the greatest treasure of all.We should always count our blessings and be grateful for what we have been blessed with.

My mother knows her daughter refrains from buying new things for herself (mostly clothing and shoes) so she splurges by buying cloths for me.Also since I live in a different city from my parents as my office is away from my hometown, after buying things for me she puts her effort in clicking pictures and sending the photos to me over WhatsApp. Well, I term it as effort because my mother is quite technologically challenged.😄

So during times when I feel low, less hopeful and going through some existential crisis in my head, counting my blessings always provides me with a ray of hope and joy to me.It reassures me that it will all fall into place as I have been always blessed with the best.Its all about time and patience.One step at a time!

P.S. The dress I am wearing below is also bought by my mother.❤️


7 thoughts on “Greatest Treasure

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  1. Great post with the beautiful dress.
    Loved every sentence of this post.
    Love of love and respect from my side.
    Be brave because your mom wants to see you smiling.
    Thanks for sharing.

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