Do vision boards really work?

Visiting Shillong, also referred to as “the Scotland of the East” was always on my bucket list.So last year approximately around this time of the year I started planning for Shillong trip.I opened Google and started researching on Shillong tourist destinations.I browsed through Google and Instagram, exploring and noting down places I could visit.I was mesmerized by the clear transparent water of Umngot river in Dawki and the gigantic waterfalls in Cherranpunji. I saved few pictures and took screenshot of some photos from Instagram for reference.Due to some circumstances I could not go for Shillong trip last year, however, this year in January I re-planned my itinerary and booked the tickets.Finally, we visited Shillong in March 2019 and let me assure you it was the most beautiful trip and a cherished one.

Few days back I was clearing junk files from my phone and stumbled upon these photos which were taken on 30th April 2018 where I had taken photos of the tourist destinations of Shillong in my laptop screen.

I stumbled upon these photos which I had saved from the Internet on 30th April 2018

I was pleasantly amazed by looking at my screen because here I had taken the photo of the places I wanted to go last year(April 2018) and had apparently stored for future reference and approximately after a year(March 2019) I was posing at the same places! So do vision boards really work(In my case do we call it a vision screen? 😀).Does Law of attraction really work?

Well according to me, first we need to be clear what we really want.Once the vision in our head is clear, the image of the goal or the things gets inked in our brain.But sometimes the ink of our thoughts fades faster hence we either need to jot it down or use images or pictures which represents our desires. I feel Vision boards can helps us in manifesting our desire by constantly reminding us about our vision and training our minds and inner self to follow the paths leading to accomplishing our dreams.This year,I have a section in my journal where i have drawn and pasted some pictures representing/mirroring my goals.Trust me when I say the goals in my journal are quite random but i feel it constantly reminds me of my desires and few have been accomplished too (which otherwise would have been tossed up by me in my forever wish-list 😅).Visualization is an important mechanism to manifest our dream.So Happy Visualizing!

Sorry for spamming with quite a few photos below but it feels good to see the photos I had saved last year for reference and after 11 months posing in the same places!


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