Is Bhagavad Gita only for certain age?

“Its not your age to read Gita”, exclaimed my colleague when I told her that I wanted to read Bhagavad Gita to which I casually replied “Age is just a number”. After our short conversation ended, I began thinking what could have I told her in my defense (which happens to most of us after ending a conversation and debate thinking about what we could have said instead to gather more weightage to our point 😄).

Well I feel there is no specific age to learn good things and we are lucky enough that there is no age criteria to read holy books.Anybody who is able to read can read holy books(of course read the book which is translated to the language you are comfortable with) .Its just that simple.Well its not an UA (Unrestricted with Caution )certified movie which needs parental guidance required for viewers .It is important to know our roots and what is more insightful than reading holy books.We are all fascinated by learning dates or other details in history but we forget the most important aspect, – the lesson we should learn from history.Everyone should read holy books provided they read it with an open mind.

Its all about ones personal choice and their state of mind whether they are ready to read holy books and its definitely not about age.
P.S. I have started to read Bhagavad Gita and I read about one/two pages per day and spend 15-20 minutes reflecting on it and its so refreshing to read a verse or two and think about the depth of its significance.

Ohh and will definitely show this post to my colleague and also thank her for expressing her views which made me think and write this post haha.


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