Did I gain or lose?

As I read this book called “Mindset”, it made me wonder why didn’t I learn cycling?.Yes, born and brought up in the plains, yet I do not know how to ride a cycle.Few more things in my list-I do not know how to swim,nor do i know how to drive a four wheeler too!. Well searching for the answer to my question, I have always been a person who likes to take easy paths in her life.I have always been afraid to fall or feared of failure. I had a perception that failure is constant or even if I took more time to learn something it made me feel unsmart. Little did I know everyone has her/his own learning and growth curve. Well, I am still learning and improving myself in this area of my life.

So in the process of choosing safe choices in my life every time, I did not make an effort to either learn cycling or to swim. Ohh and driving as well.

I may have surely be saved from a series of falling or hurting my knees,I may also have been successful in garnering some amazed expressions in people by telling them that a 26 year old girl not knowing how to cycle or drive or swim but certainly I missed the joy of cycling on pretty empty roads and the exhilaration of swimming in a hot sultry day.

So Did I gain or lose?

Well, its not that as a kid I did not enjoy my childhood, I prefer to say I had different interests back then.I enjoyed in my own way by being adamant and not learning the above and always playing kitchen sets and dolls haha, but now I feel its the time to face some fear and conquer those fear of failure, fear of falling and hurting myself and most importantly fear of coming out of my comfort zone.Its our journey and we must continuously learn new things to make our journey a non boring, exciting and meaningful one.

Because at the end its all about THRIVING AND NOT JUST SURVIVING!.

So to start with, I have a goal this year that I will start learning to drive a four wheeler this year.Wish me luck! and will update on this goal around December haha.

Yes that’s me always afraid of falling, literally! By the way I have changed in this aspect as I love amusement parks and taking rides in giant wheel! A big Yay!

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