Change in my mindset too?

Just finished reading this book called “Mindset” by Carol S. Dweck. I loved how the author has put it in simple words that it is always possible to develop abilities and explained about the power of mindset with examples. Five to ten pages a day of this book in the morning before starting our daily hustle will surely keep us motivated and inspired through the rest of the day.

I had bought this book last year and somehow I could not continue reading it. However, this year I resumed reading it again and I could not stop reading this book until I finished it.Does this mean a change in my mindset too?🤔haha

The author has explained about the fixed mindset and growth mindset and how the fixed mindset limits achievement.The book emphasizes on the power of learning, improvement and hard-work rather than the philosophy of positive labels such as’gifted’, ‘talented’, ‘brilliant’ , as success is 99% hard work.We should always have the zest for challenge and improvement. Its about seeing things in a new way.
I found this book a gem, covering topics from various domains – business,work,parenting,school to relationships.

Personally I struggled with the idea of marking or highlighting portions in a book as I like to keep the books neat and clean but with books(especially self-help books) the purpose is to maximize the knowledge we obtain from it.So I am learning to let go of this obsessive compulsive disorder as I have marked,highlighted and underlined portions of the book which I want to revisit later.

Do you also suffer from this strange obsession of keeping your books unmarked and crease free?


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