Your umbrella is very interesting!

It has started to get very hot and humid as summer is approaching.I like to shop grocery myself so instead of the scorching heat and the humidity outside, I tucked my wallet , house keys and my umbrella to save me from the flaring sunlight. After shopping some chicken, vegetables, yoghurt from the local market I was returning swiftly to the shelter of my home, with my saviour – my blue and white coloured umbrella when an elderly voice uttered “Your umbrella is very interesting!”. I looked up and saw his smiling face repeating “Your umbrella is very interesting!”. Looking at his cheerful face instantly reminded me of my grandfather. I smiled back and replied, “Thankyou”. That small encounter reminded me of the quote – “Some people are old at 18 and some are young at 90. Time is a concept that humans created” by Yoko Ono.

So here I was rushing towards my house troubled with the severe hot temperature and there was this man enjoying the bright sunshine appreciating things around him in the same weather.


P.S. the umbrella is gifted by my mother😊


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