Is gifting plant a good idea?

In this day and age where gifting bouquets is trending, my colleague gifted me a dwarf snake plant as an early birthday gift.I was ecstatic to receive a plant, as I have always preferred to be be gifted (or gift) plants, succulents, flowers, herbs(or maybe even seeds šŸ˜‰).
Well, if we want then we can also decorate the plants , as there are so many articles in internet today to transform the simple plants into attractive and creative gifts.
Gifting plants is an Eco-friendly as well as a thoughtful gesture which lasts much more than the bouquet and provides a lot of delight for the sight.For me personally, growing plants inside my home has added more cozy and relaxed vibes. It is a ‘wholesome gift’ ,as having plants at our home not only provides more style and ambience, but we all are also well aware about the health benefits of plants from making breathing easier to purifying the air.Last but not the least it costs way more cheaper than the bouquet so next time before gifting someone a bouquet just give this a try.

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